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  1. Please PM me with your latest decantation. And don't fuck it up. Duref Mudgins wants to interview you. Provide your city of residunce, favorite restaurant, and numbers and genders of chillins as proof.
  2. LMAO
  3. Hey. YOU reclined to be interviewed, so don't barf when you see who accepts.
  4. No one's in the sharing mood here on ET.

    It ain't about that ... If people have something to say, they start a thread, discuss their trading topic(s), and move on.
  5. I share. I can't help it that none of it is useful. But given that paucity of utility, I am perpetually interested in why people bother to come here at all. Hence perioduckally I do unterviews.
  6. LMAO, you just made my day! :D

    Good luck with that one.
  7. C- kid

    C- kid

    Duref you've been talking to me the entire time

    Vancouver Canada, restaurant, Don Francesco

    you also interviewed me in the past about YM remember

    I find my life to be almost unbearable, I have this pool of knowledge that is so fantastic that no one can relate to me

    trading is nothing, I am referring to things I posted under user name Original

    PS: I posted my poems on ET only to be called one of those homo them sexuals

    ET has really dried up of quality posters
  8. C- kid

    C- kid

    story of Jack H

    When Jack was a little boy
    he visited a priest with a name of Troy

    Troy would spend time with Jack the boy
    and show him the ins and outs of joy

    the only problem with this little moose
    Jack felt more and more loose


    Jack was anally abused by a priest which result in his circular anal muscle to malfunction and not close properly

    for those interested in how sphincter muscles work, google it but look for respectable sites :D
  9. Thanks for replying. Just wanted you to know the B-Team has a home. So warm and fuzzy. So sharing. Losers need a place to be, too.
  10. C- kid

    C- kid

    I have a friend, he has a job, changes women often, he drinks

    so I guess he is average

    when the day comes that I become average


    simple truth and to the point

    99.9 % of people on this planet are my inferiors, I am alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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