Doping that could help traders

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  1. a glyceral, b12, alchohol cocktail....

    I call it Forex in A Can....(ok, I'll shut up, i'm gettin' a lil dizzy...someone call 911)
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  2. I have heard of SUBLINGUAL B-12, but never heard of SUBLIMINAL B-12. Is that where where someone slips in the word "B-12" numerous times during a conversation?

    Its like MR Subliminal from Saturday Night Live. :p
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  3. if you go to my website, you will get an urge to shoot up some water soluable, vitamin b-12 or put a b-12 wafer under your jaranimo...

    Michael B.

    Folks be carefull with those b mixes...some of them have niacin and you can get rather red with a niacin flush...just take the straight b-12

    Disclaimer: This advice should not be construed as medical advice. If you take high dosages of anything, it can lead to liver failure and be fatal. In the event that you die, please be advised that you need to tell the crematory about the substances that your tissues have absorbed, as the emblaming fluid can react to make them spontaniously combust in the oven... (traders blow up often)

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  4. Messing with your hormonal glands is a guaranteed way to create serious health complications in the future. BTW, sugar messes with all your glands so no wonder that an overconsumption of sugar leads to so many problems.

    Hey since you have done body building you should know that it is not for health but for "looks" & competition. Even the routines of natural body builders put serious stresses on the human body that have long term consequences.

    Regarding B-12, why not just eat more B-12 rich foods. No supplement has ever been proven to be superior or even equal to natural sources of the same nutrient. That goes for protein also, check out the studies.
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  5. cable


    That may be difficult if I'm dead.
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  6. cable, you will have plenty of time for that...:)

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  7. Yes! You got it! You have to make a audio on your computer with
    the words "B-12 makes me trade well" hidden underneath in the audio so it
    mesmerizes you into being the trader you always imagined you would be... :p
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  9. Whatever you do, be sure not to ingest Vitamin B4. That will get you dwelling on the past. :D
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  10. Holmes is known to be moody and antisocial, cloistering himself in his rooms for weeks on end, brooding and indulging in his infamous drug habit. He started using morphine and cocaine as a student and became dependent upon his “seven-percent solution” of cocaine, mainlining it three times a day at the start of The Sign of Four. Watson admonishes him for his drug use, and in the later stories Holmes apparently has kicked his habit. It should be pointed out, however, that Holmes’s drug use was not illegal and would not be until the Dangerous Drug Acts of 1965 and 1967.
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