Doping that could help traders

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nitro, Apr 30, 2005.

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  2. Vitamin B-12 Babbbbby...don't knock it try it...I take 8000% of the daily requirement each day...I need to find injectable!
  3. TT is suing for these enhancements too....(you must pay them a fee)or it is a banned choose
  4. Subliminal B-12 is so good I know which way the market is going to
    go before it makes it's move and I trade in and out before it even
    happens... It's just unbelievable... :D
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    yeah articles talking about this has been around a few years. A major problem would be side effects, including emotional. (nothing is free)

    I'm sure there would be plenty of people that once they got a taste of it, would illegally dope themselves up as much as they could until they are really messed up.

    Hopefully they'd be smart enough to stop though.

    Also, these drugs would doubtfully increase intelligence directly, just the capacity to store more information and recall it, or to increase concentration.

    We're supposed to be living on mars, wearing tin foil unitards, and have flying cars by now, might I remind.
  6. Actually, I have one of those tin foil unitard outfits but my wife
    refuses to let me wear it out in public... :p
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    Straight B12 and B-Complex Injectables can be prescribed by any doctor. It's not like its a scheduled drug. I competed in a few bodybuilding shows from the ages of 17-22 (now 24) and I would take..two cc's a week (2000mg) of straight b12 while preparing for the shows it really is great stuff for mental alertness,stamina,energy,an overall sense of well being,etc. If you are really serious about improving your overall well being and have some extra cash I would suggest you speak with a doctor about prescribing you Human Growth Hormone and testosterone., you will feel like a billion bucks. :D
  8. I realize this is way too extrreme a suggestion for most of you, but simply eating correctly with suitable meditation will create a far more powerful effect than taking synthetic vitamins. But, hey, like I said, it's just way too radical to consider for regular folk.

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    LOL...........I totally agree with you BM, that healthy eating is rule number ONE! Adding supplements to your diet is just that, it's not a replacement for poor eating habits, it's just an additional edge that will help your performance! So don't misunderstand my previous post.:)
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    I doubt that any diet or meditation would have the same effects as most of the hard core drugs, but I don't really know. In any case, the time invested, the skill and effort required to do the diet/meditation thing is an order of magnitude higher than popping a pill.

    I would never do it, but I think it is reaching abusive porportions by the general population - dangerously.

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