Doomsday is Coming

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    I have my forecast S&P 500 bottom between 450 - 550 before spring 2011
  2. LOL.
    You've been saying this for ages on the ES thread, and I keep telling you, we are going UP!!
    ES will always go up over time by its very nature.
    Doomsday calls are for total noobs ;)
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    there are no investors buying or selling in this market...the charts at the s&P look like rocket you see in penny stocks. this is classic bear trap short an 'illiquid market'' SEC wants to ban market stop losses.

    the daily chart looks very skrewd and stupid. this doessnt look like healthy market at all. this market hasn't been trading the same since may 6..

    with so many firms not participating,,it's totally dead.

    and the daily chart looks like black swan formation. wtf..

    who cares if an investors wants to sell wtf does the SEC says it's has too be a limit order. limit order market order same thing. Market makers don't want market orders cause they are on the bid if you do a market order..that is why..nobody wants to be market maker in this market.

    it's short covering. the market is illiquid and you guys put a short swing position. all your shorts just get hammered nobody would bid up a price like that and no profit taking. the market like today was dead all day after 11am. you might as well take the entire day off after 11am if you were daytrading.

    there are more shares shorted in the ETF and futures than shares in the float. only 2% of the float is traded..and fewer are traded on a daily basis. before you could trade 1000 shares with no slippage now traders reduce their size to 100 shares.


  4. How's it feel to know I bought from you?
  5. While all you idiots are predicting which way we'll go Monday and in 3 months, I've shifted my investment portfolio 100% long. So you all can bicker all you want about whats going to happen and when.

    But I think I am going to ride the uptrend that we've got right now and make some money. When the price action tells us fear is in the air and the market starts dropping, I'll reverse.

    Until then, no real trades give a crap about any of your opinions
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    the market doesn't care about you opinions,,the market knows your position AND KNOWS YOUR OPINION.. okay.

  7. Do you even have any idea how the S&P is calculated ?
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    Who cares what happens in 2011? The world is coming to an end in 2012. There is a big rock headed our way with your name on it. :D

    But, since you seem to think you have clairvoyant vision. Can you tell me what the Power Ball numbers will be next week? Might as well go out with a bundle.
  9. Sure he does. He knows S&P stands for Shorts & Puts which is pretty self explanitory. :p
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    Give it up man... I tried to grab some numbers from these ass hats, but they don't know anything. You might as well ask them who is going to win the super bowl, The New York Yankees or The L.A. Lakers?
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