DOOM and GLOOM back to January February levels

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by HedgefundTrader2, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. DOOM and GLOOM back to January February levels!

    Stock market shows it true colors diving day after day, frustration, hopelessness, anger and sheer negative sentiment. These chart-destroying idiots are shining again. By killing their own charts they expect to make a nice living? Hardly.

    This is the end for you folks. Take yourself out in a cheap motel room and be done with your miserable stupid existence in the US.

    You still have your NIKES, STARBUCKS slurpies, IPODS, Flat screen TVS don’t you? Recession? Oh yeah, go ahead and cry rivers about it like a true coward.
  2. That was weird
  3. Whats weird about it?
  4. You all should get a nylon rope from Home Depot and get a $20 motel room and just end it.
  5. Hey low self esteemed idiot, try to come up with something of your own.
  6. I'm drinking a $9 starbucks coffee right now with extra whipped cream (I love white cream) and the sun is shining. The birds are singing and I saw a few people smiling.

    And you all think DOOM and GLOOM is the way to go :mad:
  7. Day, you need professional help, pronto. Please just go away, everyone here knows your a poser. If you insist on remaining here why not give trade setups or something that is even remotely useful. traders don't destroy charts, worsening fundamentals and a bleak outlook destroy charts. Oh yeah, in case you hadn't noticed (your broke how could you) the starbucks, nike, flat screen thing is a bit long in the tooth. I've got all the toys I need, now is not the time to spend like a drunken sailor...Get a hold of reality son. Looks like the mods love you day, straight to the gutter of chit chat! congrats buddy, your posts have officially hit rock bottom!
  8. HFT2, your problem is you are not entrenched in REALITY. You choose to close your eyes to what's happening and when it doesn't coincide with what YOU THINK, you get all pissy and whiney like you are here.

    Bit of advice, suck it up and deal with the situation at hand rather that bitching about it by starting these whiney threads.

  9. Bit of advice idiot,

    After vehmently complaning to the moderator, you managed to put this thread here. So there will not be any response from me again in this thread. You can carry on your perverted head games and feel free to pound sand.

    Stop sending me private messages, you will only get a public response, because I control that part of things Mr. slimebag.
  10. God's honest truth, I did NOT complain to any moderator about this thread. The moderator who moved it can attest to that.

    Nevertheless, you need a dose of reality, instead of this fairytale land you think we all live in. Where no matter what happens, its all sunshine and new born puppies to you. Well, it ain't that way pal, so time for you to wake up and deal with it.

    #10     Jun 22, 2008