Doom and gloom and I am marooned

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  1. For the last 4 weeks January has been an arduous month. A battle to upright the cart with dark clouds literally on the horizon and dark short days which lead you nowhere but inside your home and ready to be slayed by the devil that lurks there. depression running rampant with common cold and sneezing and illnesses.

    I have noticed a great amount of distortions in trader psychology and outlook. Everyone is afraid and is hanging on to dear life and limb. Meanwhile the profiteers are having a ball in the wake. The market was dropped from 1440 levels to 1270 in just a matter of 2.5 weeks. That was some spectacular short activity by large institutional traders. Goldman Sachs chimed in with a recession balloon that spooked our naive traders to the moon! Instead of taking it with a grain of salt, it cemented delusions and FEAR and PANIC amongst few weak ones out there.

    At the moment, the economy is conceived as to be kaput, Recession as a given fact, and virtual doom and gloom coming out of every poster's ass in quantities larger than usual. Not seen a single post with any positivity and optimism. None.

    There are no facts and figures to prove or disprove if we are in a recession or not. The economy slowed down in the 4th quarter and that is not so bad, jobless rate still at healthy 5% levels and getting better this month. There has been hefty Fed rate cuts and an economy stimulus packages in the works and Feds are still not through cutting rates yet, Lots of help on the way and it all points to a better tomorrow.

    Here is is nice quote for you:


    John. F. Kennedy.
  2. I bet you no one has the courage to respond to this. You know deep well how you feel about these times. Unsure, weak, indicisve, depressed, gulit ridden and faked out.
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    My response: You are a complete tool. HTH
  4. This guy is a wind up. He's a troll looking for any response. That's how he gets his rocks off. Put him on ignore.
  5. rate cut this week is the cure
  6. Yeah go cling to your dolls in your bed... there is a Monster out there..
  7. Maybe.. but why are you so negative ? Why this negative sentiment on unsubstantiated things? Did you capitulate and sold off when they wanted you to sell off ? How sweet..
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    You have lost touch with reality, Day. Markets went south long ago yet you continuously keep posting that the markets are wrong. Maybe you need to review your investment philosophy and learn to look for the unseen future and not at the past. There needs to be a catalyst to change risk aversion.

    Good luck
  9. Markets are have stopped going South maybe the most appropiate thing to say for the time being.

    Both SPX and DOW have a piped bottom in place, now we have to see how much we can rally from here. You donot know and I donot that and there is no market technician who can tell us where we will be next. Its a bear market if we are 20% below October highs, but that technically hasn't happened yet. With the Fed rate cuts and the economy stumulus packages, it may just be reversed.
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