Dont you need legislative corporate reform,b/c currently its a sham?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by mahram, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. The basis of conservatives on corporate stock ownership is that the stock holders should be the ones who should choose the rules within the company. However, in reality everybody knows stockholders have no power what so ever. Look at guys like carl ichan he can buy millions of shares, but it takes everything he can to budge management an inche. Or pension funds, that owns huge percentages of companies. They cant do anything. The conservatives said let the shareholders vote or choose on compensation. But they know, that shareholders cant even get it to a vote. Its a complete sham, and everybody knows american corporatism is that currently. We like to think 1 share equals one vote, but we know its not true.
  2. welfare for corporations never worked anyway,

    but its given out by the boatloads,


    1) wine and dine some politicos

    2) promise and never deliver even 1 10th of the jobs that you promise their district will get in exchange for

    3) generous tax breaks, up front concessions and new highway exits, utility lines, free advertising and other expensive perks, in addition to tax credits...

    4) declare a fake recession or layoff or sales downturn,

    5) close or layoff those hired

    6) ship jobs off shore

    7) write a check to their campaign offices and head off the inquiry to account for the failed delivery on jobs, or duration of those jobs...

    hey works in every area of the country,

    over and over again....