don't ya love the way the media operates

Discussion in 'Politics' started by client#9, Apr 22, 2008.

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    A republican congressional candidate in Indiana spoke at a socialist workers party convention a couple of days ago and the local media had a field day. The candidate's image was on the local news alongside of Hitler as they gave the story.

    The congressman stated that he gave a speech about Jesus and handed out tracts. Well, the media went nuts, and they are absolutely beside themselves over this despicable action.

    Meanwhile, they are ga-ga that their messiah, B Hussein Obama, wants to go and "hold talks", not a speech mind you, but "substantive discussions" with the Iranians. You know, the holocaust denying, wipe the Jews off the face of the earth folks. Now this, to them, is not only admirable, but the Way Foreign Policy is supposed to work.

    They can't understand why the bitter people of this area don't feel just like they do.