Don't Worry, The Sky Is Only Falling.

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    what in the hell is going on ?? does joe public really believe this bullshit from the talking heads and the fed., and gov. that they are solving all the problems just like that. this financial mess is blowing up right in front of us ! and they are saying buy , don't worry everything is OK. kudlow should be banned from t.v. for false propaganda and most financial commentators along with him.

  2. whats the alternative, tell everyone we are doomed?

  3. If there is a storm brewing in the background, should you tell people to shutter their windows and so on, or should you tell them to slap on some tanning lotion (sun screen is so pessimistic) and go start a barbecue?
  4. Bull mkt=high ratings
    Bear mkt=lower ratings

    Where does CNBC's allegiance stand? Plain and simple as far as I can tell.

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    no tell them the frikn truth. rough times ahead. not to buy into real turmoil. apologies to the public for using them in the aftermath of 9/11 that its up to us "THE PUBLIC" to keep spending so we don't go into recession. the public has been used. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS HAPPENING?? the derivitives is 180 trillion world wide. ITS MELTING.

  6. hayman


    Well, if you listen to CNBC regularly, you will realize that all the propoganda is a crock of $#*& !!

    We are definitely heading towards a recession. Some of the more ominous signs are:

    - Real estate is imploding & will get much worse, before it gets
    better. Not only the credit crunch here, but the entire
    industry is suffering from large over-supply. The amount of
    business that ripples around real estate is incredibly large.
    As real estate goes, so does our economy.

    - Large Deficit and debt continue to mount. I read that the
    national debt went from 5.7 T to almost 10 T under Bush's
    watch. What does that tell you about money mgmt ?

    - Large run-up on debt will inevitably result in interest rates
    rising, so that we can stay competitive with foreign instruments.
    Everyone is looking away from Treasuries and investing
    overseas. We will be forced to raise interest rates to compete
    and meet our debt obligations. We all know what increased
    interest rates will do to our already-flailing economy ?

    Need I say more ?

    Oh, yes, Happy Holidays everyone !
  7. Bowgett


    Talking heads work for ratings and nobody wants to hear that things are bad.
  8. bgp


    you are correct swordsman.

  9. I love panic. The best opportunities arise in situations of panic.
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    i know you guys are correct, but its so absurd.

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