Dont worry stimulus plan includes Weatherization money for NY

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  1. S2007S


    Did you really think they would leave this one out of the stimulus package...

    Weatherization money for NY in stimulus package

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    updated 4:51 p.m. ET, Thurs., Feb. 5, 2009

    ALBANY, N.Y. - Sen. Charles Schumer says the economic stimulus package that he expects Congress to pass soon contains another $234.6 million for New Yorkers to help seal, insulate and heat homes.

    With the Senate considering amendments Thursday, Schumer says he hopes to double the amount.

    Noting the average New Yorker will spend about $2,400 on utilities this year, Schumer says the state also has some of the nation's oldest housing stock, 76 percent built before 1970, when home heating oil cost about 20 cents a gallon.

    Sealing windows, insulating and improving heating systems are expected to save households roughly $800 annually, create jobs doing the work and cut energy consumption.

    He says Medicaid and school aid remain in the package.
  2. Bob111


    what about others? how about boston or something?

    so.. he saying that insulating windows will cut your utility bill by 30+%?
    bs...isn't this sh*t suppose to be homeowner responsibility? or government? or i have pay now for windows insulation in NY? WTF?
    my windows suck too!!!
    and where is this particular $ number come from?base on what? and how exactly jobs will be created?
  3. Illum


    This stimulus package blows. I dont blame Obama. It seems as if every lame pork project any Democrat wanted is now being called stimulus. And the rest is flat out communism. A damn joke.
  4. I thought we'd seen it all with the "tax break for wooden arrows" on the Paulson plan.
  5. Tube of Caulk = $2.
  6. Mvic


    A lot of people feel the same way, even some democratic senators.

    They should have split the bill in two. The jobs portion to pass immediately, which at best seems to only be about a few hundred billion of this bill, and the spending portion to pass later when adequate debate has taken place.

    At $100-300K of borrowed money per job makes you wonder if these fools have any clue about what they are doing. They would create 3-10 times the jobs just by giving grants to companies that hired people. I would create a min. of 20 good paying jobs tomorrow ($40K + benefits) if I were given a 50%+ grant per job) and I am a tiny businessman, imagine what other small business owners would be able to do, let alone big companies with a plan like that! That's 20 jobs for $400K from the stimulus, vs their 1-4 jobs created for the same money. We would be talking millions of people hired within months, think of the savings to states in terms of unemployment insurance they wouldn't have to pay, they might then not need so much help with thier medicaid budgets. Millions back to work with a decent paycheck within a couple of months, would that not stimulate the economy?!
  7. Mvic


    The real architects of the stimulus package:

    I found it interesting that during one of the meetings of senators today they kicked all their staff out of the room. Wonder why they felt the need to do that...

    Lobbyists hard work paying off:

    Never mind that there are no plugis available to buy so how is that going to create jobs in the short trem?

    They should have had just a jobs bill and left all this stuff for a energy bill that would have overhauled the national system of how we use and produce energy, a bill that is long opverdue and needed months of crafting and needed to be comprehensive. Not this peicemeal crap that will do nothin but enrich a few big companies that can take advantage of these tax breaks.