Dont worry, shanghai is at another newww record HIGH tonight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    SSE Composite Index (Shanghai:000001.SS) Delayed quote data Edit
    Index Value: 3,551.78
    Trade Time: 9:46PM ET
    Change: Up 33.52 (0.95%)
    Prev Close: 3,518.267
    Open: 3,523.217
    Day's Range: 3523.22 - 3556.53
    52wk Range: 1,512.52 - 3,563.86
  2. Up a whopping 24 now. What would you expect with a strong US close?
  3. john12


    china actually skying is good for a world wide collapse down the line. let them keep blowing it up like the naz in 99-2000 and bam it collapses on its own weight and takes the world with it. it will show all the greed in the world
  4. You gotta consider that this is the first real experience with a stock market for the masses of China. It's their version of the Roaring 20s.
  5. Whats the deal with this index?

    How many noodles can they possible sell?
  6. The chinese market will have a substantial correction which will also move US markets which will be a good thing. It seems that I am able to extract $$$$ when there is a movement, up or down. :D :D
  7. Mvic


    The Chinese index has NOTHING to do with any other exchange. It is a captive system that bears no relation at all to the rest of the financial world. The very same shares that trade on the Shanghai exchange trade for half the value on the Hong Kong exchange. Like Jim Rogers said, anyone who sells or buys a share in the non captive world exhanges based on what is going on on the Shanghai is exchange is a completely ignorant of the rather unique situation in which the shanghai exchnage finds itself.

    Rogers: Anybody who sold stock in the West or in Japan because China had a 9 percent drop in one day is a little bit nuts. The Chinese market has almost zero percent impact on the rest of the world. Foreigners can’t invest in China, and the Chinese can’t invest here. The idea that what goes on in China’s market matters to us is nuts.

    That said there will be a sharp rally this week (or early this week) as shorts, especially in the techs will be forced to cover and retail pikers will rush in thinking this is a breakout to new highs and a new uptrend. The suckers will be left holding the bag again when the bid drops out of the market and we make new lows for the year.

    Place to be right now is long the QQQQ's or NQ ready to get short EEM on the spike up. Once we have sold off and the dust settles get long Gold. Good luck all.
  8. S2007S


    Disagree, if the shanghai were to lose 5% or even 10% in a single day or week you would see all markets around the world sell off. Do not think for a second that the shanghai market is a market all by itself, if that corrects all others will follow. The Chinese index has plenty to do with the other exchanges. Do you have any idea the amount of investments being made in China is amounting too. Wait and see when this market corrects.
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    Symbol Name Last Trade Change Related Info^AORD All Ordinaries 6,178.50 11:11PM ET Up 35.70 (0.58%) Components, Chart, More
    ^SSEC Shanghai Composite 3,548.08 10:41PM ET Up 29.82 (0.85%) Chart, More
    ^HSI Hang Seng 20,508.31 10:11PM ET Up 167.34 (0.82%) Components, Chart, More
    ^BSESN BSE 30 13,384.08 Apr 13 0.00 (0.00%) Chart, More
    ^JKSE Jakarta Composite 1,954.97 11:11PM ET Up 13.82 (0.71%) Components, Chart, More
    ^KLSE KLSE Composite 1,308.20 Apr 13 Up 1.01 (0.08%) Components, Chart, More
    ^N225 Nikkei 225 17,653.97 10:30PM ET Up 290.02 (1.67%) Chart, More
    ^NZ50 NZSE 50 4,171.16 11:10PM ET Up 6.86 (0.16%) Components, Chart, More
    ^STI Straits Times 3,397.86 11:11PM ET Up 24.27 (0.72%) Chart, More
    ^KS11 Seoul Composite 1,527.12 11:11PM ET Up 6.34 (0.42%) Components, Chart, More
    ^TWII Taiwan Weighted 8,052.87 11:11PM ET Up 7.75 (0.10%) Chart, More