Don't watch CNBC, watch CNN!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Forget about trading the news from CNBC.
    Much less the Cramer' lousy (or lossy) stock picks.

    The big players already know the numbers you see (either they have good analysts or they receive the info the day before).

    Watch CNN for news on terrorist attacks, political events, weather, etc.
    This events catch big players off guard.
  2. Foxnews
  3. Don't watch either, watch Bloomberg.....or have multi-screen and watch them all :p
    watch bloomberg.

  5. cnbc was amazing last week for all the news. sucks this week, but they broke the story of the year. Chuck, broke the bailout news on thursday as well as all the other stuff last week.

    I trade news for a living and last week cnbc did an amazing job.
  6. I only watch Russia Today
  7. CNN sucks, and has for 25 years. Fox rocks.
  8. Second that on Bloomberg TV...
    Better yet - have a Thomson Financial stream AND Bloomberg AND Reuters...
    Forget the other news when trading, they are just distractions.
  9. Don't watch news at all. It ruins your thought process unless your only process of trading is trading off of the news which is pitiful. Although i do admire your guys' ability to be able to listen to useless pieces of information for hours and hours and hours.
  10. pitiful? why is that?

    btw i do agree that it sucks to hear them talk all day, its like watching the today show
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