Don't want to be President.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by taodr, Feb 4, 2003.

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    I could never be a President. They have to preside over death and calamity. They make calls that effect millions of peoples lives for years to come. They must keep from the public many things because if the truth be known there would be chaos. Trading is enough tension for me. I respect most Presidents for the enormous pressure they put themselves under , rightly or wrongly.
  2. SOME people want nothing more than to preside over death and calamity, and to create as much of it as possible. Such people ruthlessly pursue the office of the presidency, and will stop at nothing to obtain it. Such people will keep the truth from the public whether it is necessary or not, because they are dishonest dictators who care for nothing but their own rise to power. Especially when the truth involves their corrupt and illegal manner of gaining the position of president counter to the democratic concepts of fair and honest elections.

    That type of president not only does not deserve respect, but does not have any rightful claim to the title of President. They do however have the right to the title of Inmate.

    Trading-related threads are fun, huh
  3. I don't think that bush really wants to be president anymore, either

    he probably never planned on having to do much; boy was he wrong!!!

    he looks like he hasn't slept in weeks - hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!
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    Bung. You might have hit on something. He needs two or three beautiful ladies to fuck his brains out so he will mellow and not have his finger on the trigger all the time.
  5. yeah and some colt 45 to settle his nerves. maybe a blunt, too

    that cocaine will keep the yang up for the ladies, but it'll freak him out too much

    i wonder if the president can get drugs?? willie nelson claims to have smoked pot on the roof of the white house on more than one occasion, but i'd always assumed that was during the clinton administration.