Don't upgrade to TWS 860 yet.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Lucrum, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. Lucrum


    Well I asked for it. Upgraded this past weekend and now I can't logon using the stand alone version. Chat says other customers are reporting the same issue.
    Supposedly downgrading will fix it but so far not in my case.
  2. lwlee


    Probably best to always be one version behind. I use ButtonTrader which has matching updates. Some complaints have already surfaced with IB's new upgrade.
  3. ddunbar

    ddunbar Guest

    No probs here. And I also upgraded Java to
  4. just21


    I had a problem with quotes freezing with 860 so I downgraded.
  5. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    There was a bug in TWS 860 that affected users who were upgrading from versions prior to 858. After upgrading, TWS would hang at the splash screen.

    This bug has been fixed and a new build posted as of this morning.

    If you already upgraded and experienced this problem, and you haven't downgraded, you will need to do a full "install" rather than an "upgrade" to overwrite your existing installed version.
  6. maxpi


    Just always be one version retrograde, eventually IB will have to test their own software. :) jk

    I have worked on a software quality team before, we were finding an average of 700 bugs a week for months in software that was basically working. If IB can roll out a new version with just one bug they are way better than anything I have ever seen.
  7. Pete, one bug I'm seeing is the dialog box for no shorts is not appearing, I'm only getting a reject (no message) of the order.
  8. Non programmers don't get it. Something as complex as tws is virtually impossible to modify without creating some bugs.
  9. "The customer is the final step in our rigorous quality control process."
  10. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    Its definitely an IB issue.

    My other broker, which has now become my primary broker, rolls out updates to its software about twice a month. And in the past two years, I have not yet encountered a single software error.
    #10     Jun 20, 2006
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