Don't underestimate Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bond_trad3r, May 16, 2011.

  1. Some conspiracy theorist are saying it was Panetta that issued the order to kill bin laden and Obama was hesitating over the mission.

    What a load of bull. Watch Obama plan more assassination missions around the world, starting with Quaddafi and ending with Kim Jong Il.

    It's so much cheaper to take out a single problematic motherfucker than to spend a trillion dollars irradiating a civilization to the point of unconditional submission. Obama is a smart man. Don't underestimate him. Yeah yeah yeah... it's illegal for the U.S. to assassinate a foreign head of state... tell that to Saddam, and Quaddafi soon enough. The laws of man are fallible anyway. It was once the law of the land to own a slave. Then the civil war and the military might of the North proved otherwise.
  2. I've said long ago on these forums that Obama is not the little weak nerdy leader republicans make him out to be
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    That's quiet the compliment, from someone who claims nothing but disdain for BO's policies.
  4. Obama said before he was elected he would issue the kill order for terrorists without Pakistans permission before he was elected.Obama gave Panetta the CIA job,why would they think Panetta was giving the orders:confused:
  5. I can speak the truth about someone whether I agree with them or not.I wouldn't even call it a compliment,I call it the truth
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    Don't over estimate Obama. Obama was lucky, not good.