Don't trust the the past results of portfolio!

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by kesura, Apr 19, 2007.

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    I have live account in fx-auto for 1.5 month and can tell you that all these records what you can see in "Past trades of portfolio" is totally inaccurate!!!:(
    To confirm my words I made snapshots history of trade records in my live account and what records shows "Last trade records for portfolio". I took period of three days (from 2007.04.16 00:00 till 2007.04.18 21:00), filtered out some trades made by Manual. In the first snapshot of "Last trades for portfolio" you can see that profit is 403 pips, but in snapshot of live account you can see that I have lost -287pips!
    Please find yourself 10 differences between trades in these two snapshots. It isn't very hard, you can start from counting number of trades, then comparing opening and closing time for each trade...I understand slippage of few pips, but not this inaccuracy! This is simply misleading results and according these results you are building your portfolio expecting profit and in result you losing! I lost almost 9000$ in 7 weeks building portfolio according results of Past trades. I think, that answer from Support Fx-auto will be that I was simply leveraging too much and everything with fx-auto platform is fine. My opinion is that no matter what leveraging is if portfolio is loosing in general...simply your account will be wiped more slowly or more quickly.
    I'm asking of all users who have live account to compare trades in live account with Last trades of portfolio. Maybe such problems occurred just in my account? I don't think so...
    More examples with misleading results coming soon...

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    A major influence on this is the GBPUSD spike that occurred at 10.30am GMT on Tuesday following release of BOE letter to the chancellor.
    The spike was reversed by FXDD and users put back in the trade, if you look on your account the trade was entered as manual, but actually was ForexfighterKO / ATR channel trades, the forexfighter KO was closed for +150pips if you look on the account.
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    I know about the spike you talking, but check the file I send once more and maybe you will find more trades what made influence to results. Ok, I will help you-it's enough to check trades made by Quants and you will see that spike is just a small problem. Please note, that difference between results is 690pips!

    So please find bravery to certify that your platform have big problems and take actions to fix them!