Don't trade, invest in this!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by qll, Sep 22, 2006.

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    exactly the same thing i said about Smart.
    Smart's market is not good, unless it is super cheap.
    The car you see above is 100% electrical. Huge market in flat cities like Phoenix.
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    Honestly what a joke of a car.... The first thing that came in my mind was........ What would happen when that car met a Ford F350 in a head on collision? What it be a tradegy or would the car just drive under it?
  5. Are you an American, qll?

    Little clown cars are fine and dandy for the people of Paris, Warsaw & Budapest... but Americans view their vehicles as more than just transportation- it's also about projecting a respectable image.
  6. Honestly, who the hell would drive such a thing? I'd rather drive a gremlin.

  7. Golfers, probably.
  8. WTF? I expected to see a bunch of midgets from the circus run out of the car. Those tin cans would LOSE in a head on collision with a MOTORCYCLE!.

    Let the scrawny French fags have them.
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    Ok, America is one of my favourite countries, but you guys really have come f*cked up attitudes when it comes to cars. First of all, all your sports cars suck. Secondly, all your non-sports cars suck. Third, your speed limit is 55mph and you have a radar-equipped cop car on every bit of road you can actually hit 160 on. An American criticising a car meant for overpopulated European cities of 1 million+, with roads based on streets that existed 500 years ago, is like a Viagra-addict criticising Casanova for suffering a one-off case of brewer's droop.

    Besides, what is this whole "big car" thing you guys have? Here it's known as "overcompensating", or - more crudely - "small willy" syndrome. The smaller your package, the bigger and more outlandish your choice of vehicular transport. Which would explain the popularity of SUVs in the deep south and mid-west, where 2 minutes of huffing and puffing is accepted by most of the heffers that pass for female in that region as an acceptable substitute for sexual intercourse.

    Now, consider what the real big swinging dicks drive. Buffett drives a Lincoln Town Car. Gates - a guy who you just know has never had any decent pussy in his life, let alone given it any pleasure, drives a 911 convertible for the daily commute. The richest guy in the Middle East drives a Rolls Royce Phantom - I feel sorry for his many wives and mistresses. But the richest guy in Europe obviously has no hidden inadequacies he has to cover up with an excess of cylinders and bhp. Instead, he drives this:

    Now tell me, how goddam cool is that?