Don't trade alone

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  1. avoid trading with amateurs or people who can't trade or traders with a gambling problem or trade like market mkers who have different models that individual traders cannot take advantage of,,,they would hinder your trading.

  2. The vast majority of traders trade alone, even if they are in an office full of others traders. More eyes on the market only means more opinions and more dissention about direction. Who needs that! Be an individual and see the market through the only eyes that really matter....yours.

  3. We've been aware of Oscar since he started making his annoying videos in January of last year. Are you a shill?
  4. PaulRon


    I trade with a group of other traders at and I am extremely grateful I found the site and have others to trade with
  5. Holy high energy.
  6. Who needs to pay $200-$400/mo to be a part of these groups? I know that Oscar is interested in signing up members to his brokerage firm and pay $50/rt per contract but I have never understood what value you get out of these chatrooms. Anyone remember Tokyo Joe? Same stuff, different name. Do your own thinking and avoid these services.
  7. Maybe for now, but what if the group discontinues for some reason? Will you be able to make it without them?

    and if your answer is yes, then why continue with the group?
    if the answer is no, then aren't you worried you are just delaying the inevitable, becoming a successful solitary trader who needs no one else?

  8. Humans by nature are social animals and besides it's more fund trading with a group.

    if you are loner and like you trading alone, then it's your thing or provocative. do what works for you.

  9. market research is betterr when you have a groupd doing research.

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