Don't tell anyone I told you guys!!

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  1. But Microsoft is all GO from here.

    Yee Haw!!!!!!!
  2. Where is it going? And, when will it get there?

    I want to write covered calls on my stock position, and just want to make sure that the timing is right on doing so.


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  3. I say starting tomorrow until end of year Microsoft going much higher than it has been in long, long time.
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    Market is disappointed with the launch of Vista. As usual, MSFT takes six months to a year to work out the bugs and release updates one and two. Then it will start printing money with sales of Vista.

    Vista was probably forced out the door by Balmer, for better or for worse.

    After Vista works out its problems, MSFT goes to $32.50 in a jiffy. Then it may go to $40, where it will do one of those colossal dividends again. The $40 target highly depends on how fast it can get solid grounding. If the time frame to solidify Vista takes too long, it may be too late as it may coincide with a possible topping action in NQ ES and YM. But $32 to $35 is a cinch on Vista update 2.

  5. WOW Handsome. You Right! MSFT leading all of NASDAQ on an otherwise lousy day.

    Who need Elliot Ness Wave when Elite got you Handsome. :D

    You like genius! :) :cool:
  6. Use your other screen name next time :D
  7. Only one Handsome. My momma ( may The Lord continue to bless her soul) always told me ever since I was a little boy "Handsome, there will only be one Handsome and that is YOU"

    Momma was right!

    ( I bet if Momma was still here she would have also picked MSFT today ):)
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    Very difficult to tell what to do here with MSFT spiking up. Every dollar it goes up like it does today adds about $10B in market cap to the stock.

    $40 target still seems logical based on sales of video games and Vista Udate 2.

    I would not own it past $40, and I would exit the stock on Dec 26th 2007 if it were anywhere close to $40 and then reevaluate. A recession looming over the stock market next year is a serious threat to any stock.

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    seems like a nice future for microsft
  10. hello doofus! long time. Whats next csco? woof woof! I think I saw another handle you made, "big appl". that is too funny, it kind of gave you away. On your say so, I will step in and go short tommorrow ahead or maybe after the fed meets. Thanks for the tip. This is good for at least five points to the downside knowing your track record. youre a friggin genius. I guess they did not repo your computer after that appl stunt eh? Well if there is anything else you are looking to buy, please post it, as I am looking for shorts tommorrow ahead of the impending collapse. thanks again, much appreciated, p.
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