Don't stop fighting till the fight is done.

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  1. I just wanted to dedicate this thread to traders everywhere.

    Very recently, I was getting ready to re-up in the National Guard. Why? My algos could not smooth out my equity curve enuf to ensure my "retirement". I drove to the depot, got the info, and went home. When I got home, I causally checked my numbers, and saw something. I looked at it again. And again. I checked for errors. None. No losses since that day. That was a quarter ago.

    Then I went and googled people who nearly quit, but found success.

    There were many.

    So, this weekend, I hope to provide some inspiration. I am not bragging, I am telling folks to never, ever give up. Listen carefully to lyrics of the song. Let it be your motto. It's going to be hard, harder than you imagine. No advice. Just one trader who finally broke thru. And ET helped a lot, so keep searching.

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  2. Actually, if you're addicted to trading, quitting is very difficult, which is a good thing if there is success at the end of the tunnel, but a bad thing if it's never-ending series of losses, repeated failures, and repetitions of variations of the same mistake, likely meaning blowing up many small trading accounts in futures, options, currencies, and stock margin accounts.

    There are so many different methods of investing and trading that there is no single right answer on how to do it. Each method would be optimally successful in different market conditions in different asset classes.
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    That's odd, just "very recently" you were claiming you had "the grail", all sorts of success and you were wanting to bet me you'd own a $300,000 private plane before I would.
  4. Like I have said many times before, the entertainment value of ET is priceless!:)
  5. The market is the one area I would hesitate, or, in fact, be very fearful to boast because it often precedes the equity drop-off cliff.
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    That's not the half of it. If I had $100 for every time me or someone else has caught the OP in a lie. I could retire today.
  7. Inspirational message, thanks for the video.
  8. Timelines, Lucrum. Timelines. By the time I posted that to you all of this had occured.
  9. Likely due to subscribing to Jack Hershey Methods. ProfLogic had a much more complete "Theory" than Hershey ever did. JHM should not ever be used with more than 2 to 1 leverage.

    Have you thought about letting a professional manage it for you?
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