Don't Short TDS

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Wayne Gibbous, May 17, 2008.

  1. What's with this stock? They've been doing better, but it's really runnin'! Buyout? I don't see much news...

    I got short a couple days ago. Kicking my azz. ::(

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  2. its buyout spec,.
  3. : Telephone and Data Systems-TDS: Reiterate Buy following Southeastern 13D@GABE
    Gabelli notes the 13D filing announced Southeastern's intention to withhold votes on all independent directors and also disclosed knowledge of an all-cash bid by a strategic buyer that was submitted to TDS in late 2007 at a price in the high $90 per share range. Gabelli believes this catalyst highlights the intrinsic value in TDS
  4. gobar


    there is average volume in option market so i dont think its a buyout candidate...

    its a going up like a straight line.. monday i will be buying some puts on this dog...
  5. ammo


    obv is still rising,williams percent went super bullish on may 13 at$42,i wouldn't hold this short,there is minor res at 54 so u may get a pullback and then trendline res at 57,that would be a better short entry if u see williams and obv start to turn
  6. why didn't you cover?

    also you might want to invest in's cheap.