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  1. Wayne Dyer had a great analogy about an orange, “If you squeeze an orange what will come out? Orange juice, of course. Does it matter who squeeze’s it, or under what circumstances that it is squeezed? No, of course not. You will still get orange juice.”

    Well the same holds true for you and me, what we think about during the day, how we perceive and process events in our life, the rose colored glass we see the world thru determines what comes out of us when we get “squeezed” it has nothing to do with who is “squeezing” us, it has nothing to do with the jerk who cut in front of you on your way home from work or that the stock you just bought tanked $3.00 bucks. Until we take responsibility for our actions and feelings we are powerless to change. them.

    What’s it going to be responsibility or victimhood? I know, I know, to heavy for a Friday evening, that’s why I told you to not look at this post until Saturday morning.

    If you think I am crazy you are probably right, so instead of taking responsibility I will blame the Corona’s I drank.


    p.s. Don’t forget the first 10 negative responses get a autographed picture.
  2. nice post :)..


    p.s. - you suck, can i have autographed picture now? (teasing)
  3. nkhoi


    still too heavy for Sat morning :) and if you squeeze people orange stuff still come but I bet it is not juice. :p
  4. Dr. Tonka,

    Very good anology. Which University did you attend?

    Michael B.
  5. Thank you qwik, you should receive it any day now, assuming I take responsibility and send it out to you.

    nkhoi, if you find when you squeeze people, orange stuff comes out perhaps you should wear gloves, and remember it is their mess make them clean it up.

    ES, I thought you knew, UHN (University of Hard Knocks) I majored in unconsciousness with a minor in denial. (I hope I can't go to jail for that)


  6. what if the orange is frozen solid, then what comes out?
  7. Some people buy lemons and still look for orange juice.
  8. It's always someone else's fault!

  9. I think vodka. I don't believe alcohol can freeze.
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    that's cool i like that author/speaker too. any others you recommend?
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