don't notice alot of nyse diff today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by brandon12, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. did the arca rebate rule go in effect today?i still notice more vol on sdot for stocks like gm and mo and other big stocks.
  2. I havent noticed anything different either.
  3. Nothing changed yet (Except 2/3 pricing for ARCA).... you probably wont notice a change until late November/early December when they start rolling out all of the hybrid stocks.

    They are only doing 2 stocks on October 6th... and they haven't even determined which they are.

  4. what do you mean 2/3 pricing on arca? did the rebates go into affect on all nyse stocks for arca today? why no change till nov?
  5. ARCA pricing today..... Hybrid starts FRI.... but only on 2 stocks. They will be rolling this out very slowly. Will be at least a month before they get a lot of stocks going hybrid.