Don't Make Big Mistake with Stock Market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Handsome, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. So called experts say buy pullbacks but take it from me, Handsome, a genius, when I say .....


    You know me was bullish..especially on AAPL, GOOG and BIDU but even me, the great Handsome, sell and let me tell you..


    Me give big secret..

    <b>Stock Market, tech included, in DEEP DOO DO!</b>


    You ain't seen nothing says Handsome, a genius!

    Beware of phony rallies from here and those suckers who will say buy stoopid dips..


    Woof Woof
  2. Balljet


    Is this guy for real???

    me think he is wacko!!
  3. Don't get that in people heads!

    We need the public and day traders to think that next rally will take them to 14.3k DOW! That dip opportunity is the "one to catch"! NOPE, BEWARE is right. Wake up one day when 80% of market and little guys are leveraged long and BOOM...WIPEOUT. Long squeeze!

    Guess when I will be buying stocks again? When no one else is like 5 years ago.
  4. Um the market is already down a lot. The odds favor a huge rebound and not more selling.
  5. China, nah!

    Even if they decide to sell their t-bonds who will buy? America, at a HUGE discount.

    The market has plunged a bit, true, but this is not a crash, it is only stalled, because of the write-offs.
  6. FAST.AM


    This is what I wrote in one of the other chats today. ___________________

    The Fed is full of shit, the CEO's lie trough their teeth. If the game is rigged we will all fail. I was at Merrill 2-3 months back when the CEO sent out an internal memo. STAN ONEAL.. I will make it short - the scum bag that he fucking is said we have no exposer to sub prime merrill's assets are over sea's. He also said he has learned from the 90's when he was the CFO during the banking problems back them...
    Well do you know how many people put the a majority of there 401 K into MERRILL stock because that scum bag was playing a game?? I didn't buy the shitty company's stock but -- case and point.. I dont care what type of trader you are when this shit comes out after hours your screwed say good bye to you 10 percent stop loss if your levered with options- if this happens a few times this will turn you upside down. As I said beware. With the presidential race coming up - information coming to us may be slanted also.. The media (politically) are also trying to scare the people because are trying to make the case for the democrats make REP look like they did a shitty job on wall street of the Now that said.. I think the market is healthy the money is to be made over seas.
  7. Where did you get those odds and what statistics did you use to come up with them? What are the odds you came up with ?

  8. techmars


    Im not the first one to say china is in shithole
    there are other people's post that said the same
    the fun is just started :D