Don't Loook NOW!! Everything they said Don't Do. 1000 to 5000

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  1. wdbaker


    Just shut off the frick'n
    Just updated "disable experts when acct changes
    and disable experts when profile changed

    nothing like making a live code change and then look over
    to see you've been sitting there for 5 minutes doing not a damn thing, makes you want to cry--- NOT! ! !

    pissed, my fault

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  2. wdbaker


    Thanks Jack for "THE TRUTH", did you here that you crack heads, real deal....

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  3. wdbaker


    This is more complicated then I thought, I used to do these on the fly through one of image places and then post a link and all was good...

    Here is the problem, I tried first to go one better and get you my statement which is only a mile long just for today so screw that as they don't have any easy way I'm aware of to extract it to a csv and even if I did it myself and pasted into excel it was literally more pages than I could bear to deal with, every 30 cent stop etc... was in there....

    I used to post a screen shot and when just trading normal that was fine, I would just blank out the very top with my acct # etc....

    Now that I have all these computers and "ea's" involved and they all draw from mt4 to O, I don't want you to have that info as it is classified and you know what happens to people who witness classified information that shouldn't..... It's not pretty... we have to call the cleaners....

    so unless you understand O and mt4 and can think of something you need to see so you can move on with you life and read this thread then I'm not going to thiink about it anymore....

    I have some coding that I wanted to get done and need a nap so with out further todo....

    I'll probably still post when I think of something...

    No one yet ask me about the rules, thats good, only one and that is win... no other rules ;)

    p.s. I'll still try to find something condensed to post.

    At this moment during drawdown which is expected and accounted for through the math.... I show for today
    1 screeen Equity 603.83 annual ROI 315%

    2 screen equity 562.11 and on the rise annual ROI 188%

    this is for 2013-02-25- at 19:49

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  4. pma


    Nice going :cool:
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  5. wdbaker


    somebody musta given the eur some decongestant lol

    1.3000 an awfully big psych plus lots of naughty derivatives probably live there along with some of your stops ;)

    it's git'n, it' git'n, it's git'n kinda hectic ;)

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  6. wdbaker



    that's a spinner if I ever saw one


    I was watching the 20:35 eur/usd
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  7. wdbaker


    man that ain't ugly that's fugly...

    lets get a move on Eur

    it's almost time for the 21:06 azz kick'n contest

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  8. wdbaker


    I must get 100 + of these an hour, are they saying that the stops are getting old, can't get around well and need help to the restroom...

    Or maybe they are saying I'm a crappy mql programmer if you can eve call me that... and that I need to fix something....

    Or maybe they think that just once he will open an email and send a response, just once.... NOT ;)

    but if you happen to know, clue me in. if its fifo or f&d related, I don't much care ha ha...


    Maybe they want to sponsor me lol...
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  9. wdbaker


    I thought the contest was at 21:06 but i'm a bit rusty...

    maybe at 22:06

    quick running to the mcd for smoothie and double cheese burger
    no onion pickle or fries with dat

    back in a min

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  10. wdbaker


    let's get this party started already...

    I guess I need a refresher on times and vol

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