Don't Loook NOW!! Everything they said Don't Do. 1000 to 5000

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    Hey All,
    some know me as
    aka xclr8tr

    "Name not atticus" is just my reference to the most intelligent and gifted trader I know and he will laugh or cry when he sees this or knowing him might not give a rats azz ha ha ;)

    Edit: I also did not finish high school or any school of higher learning other than the school of hard knocks....

    I have gone out of my way to study on my own though, crap no one should read like white papers, research, mostly in the field of derivatives.

    I live in the US and with this small acct Forex is all I get for the moment... maybe Frank Dodd will become Larry Mo and Curly and leave traders alone but It's doubtful. They did lift some restrictions for forex though I think on calendar spreads which I don't have access to either...

    It's just me, my broker O, 50 to 1, mt4, a couple dirty snowballs and some wicked trading....

    It is my intention to trade in anyway possible to reach my goal of 1000 to 5000 in just mos.... that means less than 3 mos...

    You will see me break every rule, do everything wrong and either win or blow my last 1000...

    Too bad ET was down this morning, I'm up more than $300 as we speak on my meager acct...

    had to pause a moment, trading eur/usd to see if it was going to break through that channel cluster bomb and go south.

    realigned to take advantage either way so I don't have to be panicked about it.

    I trade both naked, mechanically, technically, derivatively but not fundamentally less you go fundamentally crazy...

    I use two dirty snowballs mechanically, my own creation but noticed they have a derivative of the same name, mine so dirty it smells and is a little yellow ha ha....

    going to mess with your heads in this thread to keep me busy so don't get all up in arms.... If you hate me start a hate me thread right next to me, won't that be fun ;)

    Pics coming once I figure out where everything is, just woke up.

    surprised my acct isn't gone being it ran while I slept, passed out from exhaustion.

    Well have fun with this, may be the last time you get too.... lol ;)

  2. EMG where are you???

    another clown has reared their little head....
  3. wdbaker


    lets get down to business, I don't got no time to play around what is this, must be a circus in town let's shut that shite down, just some clowns, can I get a witness... heck yeah

    First knuckle head out of the bushes, you are the proud winner...

    p.s. you'll probably need an EMT and an EMG after this....


  4. wdbaker


    could be the beginning of a nice drop or another congested bounce....

    I guess I didn't say anything there other than that is where I'm parked and will be eating a few sl until I figure out what she is going to do...

    I'm not going to post pics all the time cause it's a pain in the azz but I will at least post a few here and there...

    The first ones will be more for reference of my demise and what not to do lol ;)

    I'll have to look, maybe I can park the pics here, that would make it easier, will check it out...

  5. lol subbed!
  6. wdbaker


    I'm hungry,

    hate to leave stuff unattended in case on of the computers do a melt down, only 5 mins though

    And no not a stoploss insight, unless you want to call buystops and sellstops a stoploss, I have a few of them to try and catch the move

    but if I miss and spill milkshake on me and takes me forever to get back, I could be screwed or rich ha ha....

  7. I'd rather read a few pages of a journal with failing trades than one of EMG's copypasta posts.
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    Nice to hear from you, hang around the fun is just getting started I hope....

    For those of you reading, having good role models is more important than your college degree will ever be...

    uhhhh hope nobody thinks that I'm emulating you lol that would be impossible... but I have learned so much from you that I consider you a role model...


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    long time O customer, never noticed them jump around so much... are they making markets now or something changed.

    Maybe orderflow went somewhere safe away from the US or possibly they decided to work there own orders other than what they can handle...

    looks so fast like there computer got a kangaroo stuck in it....

    remember those mexican jumping beans lol ;)

    may have to update programs to account for this different type of vol

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