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Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. I trade the Qubes almost exclusively now (10K-50K lots) and have recently added a new indicator to my Tradestation charts -- Bollinger Bands (it even makes me laugh as I'm fairly "anti-indicator").

    My primary timing indicators of course are Spoos, TRIN, and TICK -- and I plot various SMA's on various time frames on the Q's. Recently I've thrown the BB's onto the charts in an effort to improve my risk reward ratio.

    seems to be working pretty well

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    How are you utilizing them?
  3. I use them in conjunction w/ support and resistance as well as the timing indicators mentioned previously. More specifically, I'll avoid entering long if price is riding along the upper BB and avoid entering short if price is riding along the lower band.

    ... not rocket science for sure, just another piece to the puzzle.

  4. curious? how do you execute your 50k lots? If you tell me Ill tell you how we execute our 250k lots
  5. As quick as possible ...
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  7. Over -

    If I'm turning 50, I'll generally split the order between ISLD and ARCA -- and immediately I'll concede 1-3 cents (depending on the current activity). I find that anything up to 30K disappears fairly quickly during the busy periods (first 2 hours, last 2 hours).

    It's funny, initially I was spooked when ISLD went to "blind orders" on the ETF's. But it turns out that it has had little effect on my bottom line. In fact sometimes I even think it may help (ie. - if I've got a big order to dispose of!).

    I'd be interested to hear about your 250K executions. Email me if you feel more comfortable.


  8. hey there 'dog,

    that's interesting to hear you're throwing up the ole bollies at this stage of your career... most guys do it the other way, start with em and ditch em later..

    do u use them across all time frames? if so, are there any nuggets u can share with us about how u determine which to pay attention to? :) cos if you're weary of getting in when price is "riding" one side, that will depend on the time fram of the chart you're looking at, eg, 3mins might be riding, but 10min hasn't even touched yet..