Dont know where to start

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  1. Hi All,

    I have BBG, Access to exchanges and much more but dont know where to start... its a mad question, but one im faced with.... whats hot, whats not... index futures, options or etf... arbitrage or not.. directional play... i have so many options im confused!!!!

    Anyone in this predicament??

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  3. Trading is all about whats in your own mind... therefore find a product you love intuitively, that you are comfortable with and trade your edge like you are the casino and the market's your bitch... GL
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    You want to know what, what to start trading?
  5. Yes.. it seems eurex is clogged with algo's....
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    I've tried US Stocks, Japanese futures and FOREX and failed at all. However, people on this board seem to think stocks is the most realistic way to make money because there are thousands to choose from.
  7. I spend days looking at things.. trying to find edges... but nothing that I can turn into a system... removing the human element...