Don't Install TS 8.0 build 1747

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Luto, May 13, 2004.

  1. Luto


  2. I have Build 1747 installed and no problems.

    So, it apparently it is not a universal problem.

  3. toucan


    I loaded 1747 on 5/10... i don't have the problems you described, but have had browser problems ever since the download... any url that ends in .aspx will not allow data entry... microsoft internet explorer just gives an error message and closes.... and mcafee virus scanner doesn't detect any virus.... this problem is isolated to data entry.... as such, I can't enter anything into tradestation world or get into the chatroom... oh well...

  4. Since downloading this version of TS some of my custom indicators have gone ka-blew-i (that's the technical term). A red line forms across the screen - even on indicators with no red plot.
  5. yes, i have lost ALL the tradestation indicators, show-me's, stratagy's, and my custom one's twice since downloading 1747

    if u r running this version, i strongly suggest u back-up all ur indicators

    of course this was a problem w/my computer according to the ever so helpful ts software support

    com'on ts, at least admit u screwed up at least 1 time....

    that would be refreshing
  6. WinSum


    Thank you all for the warning. Ever since TS adopted the policy to deny access to TS 8 discussion on their forum to users who are not on the upgrade list, we can't tell how well the upgrade process is going.

    Thereby, we can't make an informed decision to upgrade or not.

    I'm glad you guys move the discussion here, so we can see what's is going on.
  7. Yes, thank you guys for warning. Let's keep this thread alive for all of the new upcoming TS versions. I'm not upgrading anymore unless there's a new feature/bug fix that directly affects me.

  8. Luto


    I am not saying the bugs are easily encountered, however when they are the severity is too high.

    I was running fine for a week on 1747, then this issue occured.

    I was able to reproduce the problem, ONCE I got TS in that state.

    After re-installing, I have not had the problem. Clearly it is a difficult bug to track down, but they have enough pointers to find it now IMO.

    But it goes to show how difficult it is for them to make releases. They probably lack a fully staffed Test Team. 1:1 Ratio Test-Dev is what MSFT uses, industry average is .15:1.

    If one wanted to test something like this, a simple preliminary regression suite would be to get every workspace sent to Support. Then create a macro that opens it, saves it, closes it, then reopens it. Run this on a debug version with "asserts".

    Understanding the SaveAs code paths would help to refine the test suite. Since this is such an obvious test to run, it is clear they are not up to snuff yet.

    Solution: Don't expect much and back up all data on a weekly basis. Also I would suggest clean installs and not upgrades.


    PS: also remember that rolling releases like this are frought with regression bugs. Assume for every 3 bugs they fix, 1-2 will be introduced. They should be lesser in severity tho...