Don't get caught when the humongous, cash-strapped U.S. gov't starts to sell stocks!

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  1. They probably bought futures. They can keep rolling them over and support the market. They don't ever need to liquidate anything. The futures they buy automatically expire every 3 months.
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    this is a stealth bailout to billionaires, the govt is giving them money by buying their stock, literally giving it away regardless of performance or need.

    and what happens when the govt owns 80% of every big company. Not to mention the trillions of profit they have created, who gets that?
  3. RECORD AMOUNT ($311 billion) of new stock offerings (includes IPOs, secondaries, and converts, but particularly a large offering of secondaries in the second half of the year);

    What annoys me is we didn't see dilutive pps.
  4. This explains the overnight gap up on no news and no volume all day long.
  5. Seeing as there is no one else, they are doing both the buying and selling?:eek: :confused:
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    they must go in buy for two days then dont buy.......when they stop, everyone sells, repeat.

    there is no way to predict no longer exists, its a mirage at best
  7. Well the govt. is out in force today supporting the stock market. I had to cover all my short lines and now sitting doing nothing.

    I say Fuck the third rate actor and the republicunt crooks who started down this path with his PPT. His fucking drug dealing CIA also manufactured the AQ, multiple illegal wars, traded arms with the enemy, opened up the borders to shittys, S&L bailouts for his buddies, the shit list just goes on with the mofo.

    Deficit spending war mongering hoodlums. I'd love to shove a baseball bat down their crooked fucking throats.

  8. Are they the ones buying gold as well?
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    But seriously, how do you really feel about all this ?
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