Don't fight the FED.

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  1. the fed isn't just lowering interest rates..the fed is also directly participating the open markets buying stock and bonds.

    okay why is this bad?

    it seems nobody has a problem with the gov't manipulating the markets?

    isn't market manipulation illegal.?

    i tell yo why it's bad...buyers get ripped off by the gov't. in higher prices. F U FED!!! The FED will pay for this eithe the FED will be dead. or the FED destroys the US economy or the FED will be audited for embezzling money to wall street scum and bailouts..

    these banks are private businessss...and creditors are private businessse.
  2. Are you for real?
  3. do you think the price of oil,cotton, or market index is going up or from increase in demand from consumers or investors. the stock market is very thin..and can be easily manipulated via futures and is controlled by network of firms like goldman,citigroup, jp morgan....there are fewer and fewer firms in wall street now. the large banks own wall street..all the small investment bank or brokers have closed or sold to the banks.

    it's from QE...and 0%-.1% short term interest rate..and direct participation gov't in the open market .

    natural gas is the only commodity that is being sold at free market price..natural gas cannot be manipulated bucuase there hundreds of natural gas suppliers in north america that sell natural gas to the pipeline. and the gov't allowing shale gas..polluting and dirty natural gas to be sold...and will ship...there is no paper natural have to take delivery and cannot store natural gas.. oil gold stocks can be manipulated

    or someone wants natural gas to stay low as inflation...electrictiy..

    if natural gas and electricity go up you see real inflation...and the FED will be in trouble.

  4. Natural gas has huge supply so the price is fairly low. Commodities like copper are not being produced enough to meet actual demand, so price must go up.
  5. Thx for answering my question...

    Personally, I think you're completely wrong. It ain't the Fed. It's the extraterrestrial aliens and their spiritual leader, Britney Spears. They're the ones manipulating the mkt.
  6. are you are moron?

    bernanke said he wants a strong stock market meanin 'green shoots' to build condidence in the con game!

    why is the truth and reality so hard to believe.

    aliens are real. Jesus is a scam moron created by the gov't!

    christianity is a state religion..there are no angels, no santa clause etc.

    there is satan...witches,demons, and sorcers,oracles.

    keep believing b.s. okay. market can be manipulated is rigged. there is no free market right now..why do you think market manipulation is illegal.

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    Oh. congratulation you figured it all out. That's the first step to mak'in money from these bastards. Who cares if it's manipulated? Of course it's manipulated. As soon as you learn that the markets are controlled by charlatans like Billy Graham who can't help but lie in a very sincere way, the sooner Ya'll will be mak'in money. An I'm dead serious 'bout that.
  8. Of course markets are manipulated daily by all sorts of people. Since I started day trading I can see even more ways markets are manipulated. Making it work for you is definately part of the strategy to profit from trading.

    ( e.g. Someone posted today they don't believe in "max pain"
    for options. I can say without a shadow of a doubt this
    manipulation exists every month )
  9. Need I say more? I think not...
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    Agreed. you need not.
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