Don't feel like building my own - how about

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  1. Granted, the prices are still more expensive than if you built your own, but I don't mind giving someone $200-300 if he knows what he's doing. Anyone have experience with "Eddie Z" and

    I don't think that posting a link is against forum rules, but if it is I apologize in advance.
  2. i would look at cpu solutions dot com. I bought a computer there and it rocks.

    and then viewsonic monitors are sweet for low cost on amaz.

    i did tons of research, and no my set-up isn't too crazy.

    i realized i really wanted the intel sandy bridge. and i5 is just as good as i7, for all intensive purposes.

    and a sweet graphics card like Raedon HD 6800 series

    and ram is super cheap

    and hard drives are, well, not as cheap.

    get an SSD if you have the cash, i think. i didn't, but i've heard good things.

    hope this helps a little
  3. LOL

    go to about us on that first website and look at "Who is Eddie Z?" website...

    what crap youtube video.

    i couldn't give a guy like that my money
  4. LOL, that's actually why I posted this. The dude's videos are cheesy as hell, but the builds appear to be decent. I do notice he doesn't label the particulars of many of the components though, which is why I was looking for feedback.