Dont F with GS or you gonna get capped!

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  1. Illum


    GS to 300. Look at those dumbass middle class tards. Loot the joint, and then tax the god out of um. Tell them its for their own good, they may thank you for it. If not, who cares. lol.

    President had a couple sleepless nights until he could get down to wall street and apologize in person. GS leaders there smiling in the peanut gallery. He is in the clear now, no more biting that pillow all night Prezzie wezzi. Nice one sweetheart. Sec back to masturbating to ball stomp films. And GS, sorry I mean, God's work, continues. Amen.
  2. amtrak


    It's a typical political thing, broached on FOX, of course,
    and this time I don't think they're gonna stop a damn thing with the rhetoric --
    those GS cheats have been exposed and there's enough blood in the water to keep the investigations going.
  3. You mean unlike those great SEC guys who raked in salaries of 200K+ while watching porn all day?

    As far as FOX goes, they are the only ones who want to report things like Obama having a say in his replacement:

    Who is really evil here - GS who has not been proven did anything wrong, or the corrupt SEC including political Obama activist Mary Schapiro and her porn watching buddies?
  4. The collective iq of the preceding 3 posters, excluding amtrak: 3.
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    Which appears to be 3 higher than the previous poster. :D