Dont even think about Etrade

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  1. as a place for your accounts.

    Service has deteriorated to a new low.

    And it was never that good to begin with.
  2. Good , I guess no one even has an etrade account here.
  3. First acct I ever opened in 1996 and they were horrible to deal with then. I closed it within a few months.
  4. did...............................................................don't
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    stock777, What did Etrade do to you lately?
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    Waiting time to get on the phone with customer support is over 1 hour.
  7. wabrew


    You are right and you are wrong.

    Right - customer service very slow. But when you get them they resolve problems fast. If you need a lot of customer service -- then do not use them.

    I have been with Etrade for 4 years and have only had to deal w cust service a couple of times.

    Wrong - Trade platform very user friendly. Executions lighting fast.

    I usually have 1 - 4 trades a day, Listed, NASDAQ, and some options. I never cease to be amazed at how fast I get executions back on marketable orders - usually in 2-3 seconds. On limit orders, I can watch my bid/offer get taken and then when I hit refresh - the fill is there. On Options, when I bid/offer between the posted bid/offer, my offer shows as new offer. if the option quote is 1.80 - 2.00 and I bid or offer at 1.90, my order shows and when it trades - it is usually my fill.

    I am sure that some people have problems with their B/D's, Probably everyone has a story to tell -- but why would you muck rake any B/D without being more specific on how you got f'd.
  8. Anyone thats still amazed at fast executions is easily amazed. Here, watch me pull a rabbit out of my a.....

    Seriously, Etrade cust support was NEVER much good, and now you wait an hour to get that same lousy support.

    And no, I need very little hand holding, but when you cant get a question answered it sucks.
  9. Market orders should not take more than 1 second to get filled so that is not something to rave about with a broker. E-trade is definitely not in the top tier for discount brokers if you are trading stocks daily.
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    yes, a dreadful brokerage. I understand customers are leaving in droves. All those expensive customers from Harris and Brown (Etrade just bought them) are moving out fast.
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