dont buy from retail stores (circuit city)

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  1. Bought some electronics from circuit city and it went bad in 13 days. I went back to get it exchanged or repaired and they said it is a manufacturers warranty so I need to send the camera to the manufacturer which would considered mailing . I could of bought the same camera for 25% less from amazon but assumed you get a better warranty from these chain stores. the manager actually said there is no advantage to buy in a chain store opposed to the internet warranty wise .

    So the lesson learned is to not support your neighborhood stores and save your money buying your products on line .Even buying it on ebay is just as good as circuit city .
  2. Didn't they have the no excuses needed return policy? Just bring it back period, no questions asked?
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    Here's my retail sob story...

    One day my laptop stopped powering up... tried dell support with no luck. Took it to the "geeksquad" (aka Best Buy) and after they're detailed analysis they informed me the motherboard was fried and it wasn't worth trying to fix... but, that they'd be happy to get the data off the computer for me $100. I needed the data so said okay. Came back the next day and they weren't able to get the data after all (I later found out this was their own fault according to my IT dept. at work). So, they charge me the $100 anyway and before throwing out the computer I try Dell support one more time and the guy in India has it fixed in about 5 minutes (bad memory card, just took the bad one out). Best Buy wouldn't refund my $100... nor did I get a response from the letter I wrote.

    My boycott lasted about 2 weeks before I was back...
  4. I was arguing with him for 20 mins . He did not give a crap of what I was saying .

    just save your money and buy from the internet or Ebay. i bought a sony DSC-W200 for $424 with tax . . You can buy it at for $338 there is no tax and free shipping. you can save nearly $90 with the same guarentee .
  5. Costco is the place to buy.
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    Geek Squad sucks. I took a computer for diagnosis, they broke the plastic thing that holds the fan to the processor and just gave the machine back to me broken with no explanation, charged me $65.
  7. Did you pay with a credit card? If so, call the credit card company and dispute the charge. Best Buy failed to perform: they misdiagnosed the problem and charged you for the wrong service that they failed to complete anyway. The credit card co. will send you a form to write up why the charge is in error. Don't wait too long to contact your card co to dispute the charge. And.. I believe the credit card co will charge Best Buy a fee for the charge back too.
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    Excellent advice for just about any type of purchase (except of course the gift for the girlfriend that you don't want the wife to know about). With cash payments even in a brick and mortar retail, you pretty much have no recourse. Good luck as you pursue this. There are people/companies that have your back.
  9. this is when they try to sell you the extended warranty.

    then you can take it back to the store. i laughed at the guy,why even have a warranty at all?the price of the extended was about 20-30% price of the computer.from best buy. but it's the same everywhere.maybe a private company might be differn't.
  10. your right they sell the ext warranty for 25% of the cost. The product might only cost them 50% of the cost . Then the manufacturer cover most of the warranty for the 1st year . Then the other half they wont fix it because of wear and tear so they win big time while at the expense of the customers.
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