Dont bother with either laptops or "gaming" computers

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  1. I have been using laptops for over 10 years and the same issue has cropped up time and time again which is overheating. When the laptop overheats, then it will shut down or become so slow that you can't use it. I have used different techniques in the past to keep the various laptops I have used from overheating, however, if you just stay away from laptops all together then you avoid this issue. BTW, if your laptop does overheat it helps to keep a large fan nearby or to simply throw it in the fridge (not the freezer) to get it cooled down quickly so it can get back into operation.

    A "slimline" desktop from a company like HP is the answer. These small boxes are usually half the price, but twice as fast as the best laptops out there. They dont take up too much space and can be relocated fairly easy if an emergency dictates it due to their smaller footprint.

    "Gaming" computers usually have hot processors that require extra cooling and if a fan wears out or slows down then you are out of luck.

    The moral of the story is if you need a computer that is 100% reliable then stick with a desktop.

    (Here is a cool link on overheating laptops. The #1 issue is usually dust in the vents.)
  2. Thanks. I was wondering why my laptop keeps shutting down.

    Hewlett Packard was the worst computer that I ever owned.
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    There's one technique you've overlooked -- buy a better laptop...

    Thinkpads are the only way to go if you depend on your computer for business and want a mobile desktop. I'm on my 8th since they were first released in the mid 90's. Never had one of them overheat, ever.

    Very few problems too. Only had to use their depot repair 4 times.
  4. Lol, OP must be referring to laptops before the Core cpu's from Intel came out. Unless you're using 100% CPU, post 2007 laptops get about as warm as your armpit on average, normal use.
  5. why are laptops cheaper than desktops with a similar config? used to be the other way around...
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    Quit buying cheap Acer laptops.
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    I find laptops more reliable.
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    the moral of the story is that all computers need to be cleaned and properly vacuumed at least TWICE a year. specially the laptops,which tends to be working in much more dusty environment.
    imo-overheating is a most common and overlooked cause of majority PC's \laptops problems. plenty of free soft to check temps of major components.
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    another thing is that when you pick up PC or laptop for trading-im most cases you don't need high end CPU or video card(2 major things that produce a lot of heat)..don't go with latest,fastest CPU or video will save you some money and will keep you away from overheating problems..i always put in my PC cheap fanless Nvidia cards and big ass aftermarket sink on CPU
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