Dont Be Shy What Are Your Monthly Costs?

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  1. Appreciate this is a bit of a sensitive question but I would appreciate any insights anyone can provide

    Perhaps to compare apples to apples we should identify if you are;

    a) trading 100% (or split) with a deposit
    b) trading with a split with no deposit

    Thanks all.
  2. I get asked this all the time...there are variables of course.

    For our remote guys. They pay $200 access, but it is all rebated each month as long as they trade 200K shares (most do of course). Platform entitlements are "cafeteria style" you just pay for what you need/want. No fee for NYSE level 1. NYOB is $60, NaZ l1 and L2 about $50. Pass through ECN rebates and taking fee. $30 internet access fee from GS. Then you pay for eSignal or whatever else you need. I like using and we get dicounts on that and eSignal of course. Same applies to things like etc.

    Basically, we have "bare bones" guys all the way up to those who pay $400 or so each month for the tools they like to use to make money with.

  3. Split w/ deposit.

    287 a month including platform and various entitlements.
  4. 98%/deposit
    $50 /platform fee/ potential for rebate
    but do pay a liitle more in trade fees
  5. What is "a little more" ? ;)
  6. I am making around 50k per month so prettly lite volume on thier standards and I pay a penny per share
  7. H2O


    Trading futures prop (no money down - split profits)

    Desk + trading software +CQG approx GBP 2k monthly..
  8. That would mean 100,000$ in commish per month for me, ouch.
  9. well I am at the highest level I might do 3k shares volume in a day, sounds like you would get a way better price like 4.00 per thousand and ECN rebate s if you qualify, the question is do you save more on commish, but payout more to the firm, If you are a profitable trader the 98% payout is the more important number (imo)

  10. NYC212


    software fees
    desk fee

    fixed expenses = $800

    then payout and commissions.

    geez..... :confused: I need a good buck to get ahead
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