Don't Be Fooled

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by flipflopper, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Today is Different. No Buying last hour... even with "window dressing".

    Dow closes down 257.
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    I just hope you're not going to flipflop on this one later. :D
  3. I won't flip... but I may flop and get stopped... if them boys can take out the highs.

    Shit maybe Bernake is buying spooz futures instead of T-Bills.

    At this point nothing would surprise me!!!
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    Good call!
  5. I was expecting a lot more downside drama today since it's my two year anniversary of full time trading. But the markets have been in full panic mode with retard strength the past three weeks so it is hard to tell.

    A few words of advice for those who are struggling to make it:

    1. It can be done.

    2. Ignore the noise.

    3. Don't trade YOUR view of fundamentals unless you want to use a monthly chart.

    4. The market is a game so forget what you thought and just learn how the game is played... then play to win.

    5. Ask yourself who's winning (Bulls or Bears) then take your shots with the winning team (depends on time frame).


    It's pretty much that simple... there are infinite subtleties, contradictions and paradox's so this shit must be learned first hand. Oh yeah and turn off CNBC and Elite Trader if you want to succeed!!

    :D :D :D
  6. Some good advice would be to NOT make predictions like you did below. Sometimes you'll be right and other times you won't. Bad habit to have.

    I hate to sound cliche, but it doesnt get any more true than TRADE WHAT YOU SEE not what you think. The only problem with that is if one isn't at a certain level of expertise, then what they see might be wrong :D

    Btw, 2 years full time trading makes you a baby in this game. Keep plugging away. I'm working on year 9 myself.

  7. Just having a little fun with that prediction. Noticed that the thread got moved to chit chat... I wonder if that was before or after I said you should stay away from ET?!?!