DONT BE DRAGGED down the path of white versus black

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  1. it's fucking ridiculous ...

    "race" AS AN EXCUSE is always brought up by the weakest, (whether they be white, mauve, yellow, purple, black, opaque), be stronger ...
  2. JDL


    to late the weak are fighting back
  3. Holy crap, there's a path? I hope its not a path in a dark alley.

    I don't think I'd like being dragged down a path.
  4. Yeah, if you avoid the wrong "paths"(or public restrooms) you greatly increase your changes of being "dragged"(or gang raped pr murdered or robbed).
  5. U used the words, bilderberger, and fed, in the same sentence.

    U will require psychological evaluation, and a medication regimen that will be enforced by the state for what is obviously a mental illness. Turn yourself over immediately and the state will make immediate improvements on your perspective.:D

    It is, after all, for the children.
  6. That's what the CPS child snatchers say....

  7. Pardon moi,
    but if I AVOID the WRONG paths or public restrooms, , um, shouldnt that be safer overall , rather than increase likelihood of........
    Oh nevermind. Hope "dark alley" wasn't to racist:)

    Some of my best friends are whack........

  8. yeah there is a path ...

    we've all been dragged down it for decades ...

    call me insane, but I still believe in the idea that people should not be "judged by the color of their skin",

    unfortunately, this has been twisted to mean, "hey, you're judging me by the color of my skin you white racist bastard........FUCK your immigration laws. FUCK the unreasonable demand I graduate from high school, and not commit felonies..... you white racist bastard"...

    I was only meaning to reinforce the fact that using race as an excuse is for the weak, and that includes white people who use it. Even if they are my brethren, and my top priority.
  9. Ah, crap, you used the word "brethren" in a sentence..not long before the echelon team will be at your door.

    Stuffed if I know, but race is a thing. Whatever it is.
    I would not like to be in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time, put it that way-and I live in Australia.

    Lebanese neighborhood? No fucking way. Aboriginal ghetto/mission? No way, unless you got money for cigs and cheap booze to share.

    Was in a pub, talking to a pacific islander-i just happened to have met another islander some weeks before, and I actually thought there was a family resemblance. They were both called Seone.

    How the fuck was I supposed to know, Seone is the most common christian name there? Thought it was a surname.
    So I politely enquire, as to if he is related to this other dude.

    Gives me a filthy look, and says"Yeah, I bet we all look the same to you."
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