Don't be afraid of China, be afraid of our White man trigger happy nature.

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    Bearice once again I congratulate you for trying hard

    but I think you are a young person, you don't understand China

    Take a look at Chinese history that dates back 5000 years officially and 6000 years unofficially

    Jesus thing was 2000 years ago.

    They go way back even before Jesus and Pyramids of Egypt. Lot of Israelis think they are the center of History, Chinese are way older.

    That's how old the Chinese culture is.

    In their entire history. Chinese have always defended themselves, they were never large scale attackers. Every single small country around China has attacked China, never the other way around.

    Chinese philosophy is that of sit and wait your enemy till they die of natural causes. :D

    It is not in Chinese nature to attack militarily, oh sure they will try to outsmart you economically, but not militarily. China doesn't have a single military base outside of China. United States has 800 bases around the world.

    China has never been a colonial power were they go in with army and kill 25% of population and install puppet government. While England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and shitload of others from Europe did exactly that.

    China even had huge navy before England did and THEY DID NOT USE IT TO BE A COLONIAL POWER.

    I think lot of you that talk about China don't actually know a thing about China and their cultural beliefs and values. I am far more afraid of our military trigger happy Generals starting WW3 then I am afraid of China.
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    I forgot to mention something truly important about Chinese.

    They consider it a deep insult so I hope there are no Chinese on this board.

    The reason China has always been a lot meeker than they had to be.

    Their Diet !!!!!!!

    They eat so much soy beans.

    Soybeans in tofu and other pastes actually feminines men over time. Makes them pussies.

    Like I said, I hope Chinese are not reading this thread :D :)
  3. It ain't the Generals, it's those warmonger Democrats. Bill Clinton's wife is the biggest warmonger of them all. [​IMG]
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    Refresh my memory please, what wars has she started?
  5. The Great Wall of China was built keep thieves OUT.
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    Or is it the Bankers that decide on wars and send a memo to Pentagon and whoever is in the white house ?