Don't B Stupid when it come to AAPL

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    Thats all I have to say!
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    Seems right choice to short APPL :)
  3. love your drawn projections.. very crafty with the Paint! pencil, eh?

  4. IF you could you will short anything in sight without much considerations.
  5. I disagree. Apple is too good of a company. It may drop in the short term, but not by much. I love AAPL.
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    i also disagree. i think appl was a buy at 120
  7. It was a buy at 120. And a sell at 160. Now who knows ... could hold up for the next week in earnings anticipation. Then after, it could be just like RIMM ... or GE ? More likely somewhere in between. Even rimm with the blowout earnings is trading at before earnings prices, so unfortunatelly I'm not sure AAPL will give that much loving even though it is best in class.
  8. Mark this post. Target price is 70 over a 1 year time period. Next conference call will be a sudden drop. Buy puts now while they are dirt cheap. Apple retraced to its broken trend line.

    There is no better time to buy puts on Apple then the current time...
  9. What a load of bullshit. Or should I say bearshit? AAPL is one of the best run companies out there. I'm not saying it doesn't have downside, but it's an extremely poor choice for a long-term short. This is a diversified technology leader not a rubber-shoe fad company, lol...
  10. Gary Fox

    Gary Fox

    You can see that AAPL triggered a buy signal on 3/11/08 when it broke the first internal channel trendline. Its accumulation base created a breakout price objective of approximately $165.

    Given that it reached a high of $159.69 on 4/7/08 after four consecutive higher low swings within its upward channel, and that the current reaction (pullback) is greater than the previous five reactions in both time and distance, then I’d say the odds of a pullback to at least the lower channel trendline in the $135ish area is reasonable.
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