Don't attempt to build positions intraday at Tradestation

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    I have no, repeat, no daytrades in my swing account at TS for today, 1 used total in my account, yet when I went to enter my 3rd entry for the day (scaling into my swings), they refused my entry because I am only allowed to establish the amount of positions that might cause me to daytrade. Missed a great entry again. I almost never execute day trades in that small account.

    This is their fucked up policy:

    If you have no daytrades used, you will be allowed 3 entries into one stock in one day. Period. Doesn't matter if you exit or not. After the 3rd entry, your done. They apparently don't understand how the PDT rules work.

    Message to IB....match tradestation charting and you will put a real hurt on their bottom line...and I will help you. I know many traders who hate TS trading policies as I do, and only stay with them for their charts. I'm only with them still because they made me an offer after their last fuck up to keep me on. That one runs out next month. So long MF's.
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    And their goes my play. FY TS.

    Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? If you enter a stock at three different times, and exit once, you will be charged 3 day trades in your account.

    I waited 3 hours to enter my play only to get refused. So let me repeat myself. FY TS!!!!!:mad:
  3. why not use IB and some other charts - there are lots available instead of waiting for IB to produce good charts.

    You'll wait a while.
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    No, IB does not need to get into the charting business. They should continue doing what they do best.

    If you want the best charting package that also is seamless to IB, then use AmiBroker. After you discover the power and ease of use that Amibroker offers, you will throw rocks at TS
  5. Quote Tracker works great with IB,and its free been using it for years.and the best support
  6. Use lightspeed with a charting provider of your choice....
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    I've tried others like E signal, Quote tracker, etc. The reason I
    use TS is the ability to multi page. I only use two monitors, and multi paging gives me a workable system. The only reason I trade with them is to get the lower fee on the platform. The way they approach the PDT rules is my biggest issue with them.

    Any thoughts on Multi charts? Think I'll try their demo.
    I also use IB and am very happy with them. I was unable to get certain internals with quote tracker and IB as the feed, so I didn't stay with QT.

    If IB had good charting, they would recieve all of my business instead of a portion of it.

    Thanks to all for the ideas.
  8. IB isn't in the charting business. They do what they do well being a direct access broker. There are more than enough charting options out there to link with IB. None may be perfect, but IB has better uses of resources than to worry about developing a robust charting platform.

    I do agree though that what IB provides is completely laughable, they should just offer nothing instead of the 15 seconds to load type thing they have now.
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    If that's their policy then how is that I've done 75 daytrades on one stock the past 4 days?
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    jim c

    you prolly have more than 25k in the account.
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