Don't Americans see it?

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  1. I am astonished! The value of the US$ has declined rapidly over the last 4 years despite the daily super bullish stories of the politicians. Prices of anything you can think of are going up. People still don't question what's happening; in the contrary, they invest everything they have in an overvalued stock market. It's the biggest bubble next to the housing bubble.
    In the mean time gold is in a true bull trend since 2001. Nobody seems to take note of it.
    Where will this end?
  2. Hopefully with your last post.
  3. What's your problem?
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    Make the best of it. If people are stupid and willing to give you money then take advantage of it. Don't complain, obviously everyone else is wrong in your opinion. Maybe you should take this as an opportunity to make a handsome profit when things start to reflect your sentiment.

    Good luck.
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    When did the market made any sense from economic view?
  6. We're going to inflate it up, and get rid of our massive debt. Phoom... it is going to disappear in thin air.

    As for the US$ being weak.. .thats what happens when your interest rates are at historically low points. A weak US$, along with low interest rates are whats going to propel the next great bull market within the next 10 years.
  7. I've sailed all over the world, mate.

    Everywhere I go I find growing economies.
  8. People are going to be surprised. The great bull run at the end of the century was only a E Wave 3, and after this small pullback the 5 is still ahead of us.
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    i believe you are dead right. It is astonishing. People are either blind, living in a bubble, or simply dont pay attention.

    politicians and wall street are completely full of it.... but what are they going to say? are they going to say that

    1. There is a high chace of a recession this year so keep you money in your pocket
    2. the world id running out of oil so buy a bike and learn how to garden?
    3. If the brid flu mutates 20% of the world will die
    4. When housing collapses so will the economy? more than likely this year or 2007.
    5. pullall of your money out and put it in a coffee can?

    people say this...but not people with clout.

    there is always a bull case and a bear case.....the whole "glas half full" scenario.

    they simply talk about the glass being half full. smart people look at it from all angles.
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    perhaps someone would like to explain why the dollar at this level is worse than the dollar at its highest levels.

    Do you prefer to favor bankers or manufactures and exporters?

    If you fear inflation. Would you rather hold dollars in a bank account or invest in real estate or perhaps certain segments of the stock market.

    By the way should we fear deflation or inflation.

    With the cost of labor going down who is going to be driving the prices up?

    Perhaps the markets are just adjusting to the B.S. caused by the rigging of the exporting countries.

    Perhaps you would like to explain why your doomsday scenario is better than the ones that were written in the 70s or in the books by batra and prechter.

    I too am concerned about the future. But no one in the world has really come to my attention as making accurate forecasts.
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