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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. OK, let's see if we can get this going simply. First off, thanks to those who have submitted their stock picks for the test I am running. For those who haven't started yet...Please get it going now, as I want to have the real tracking start next week, and then run for a month or so.

    Send your picks, stops, exits, etc. to "dontest" or just "test"

    Send in your days picks an hour before the opening of the market.

    Show entry stops if you like, mark "opening only" if you like, but keep the "if xxx -then yyy" to a minimum.

    So, chat room operators, website services, and the rest of you who would like to get some validation of your performance (real time, real $$), sent me personal emails.
  2. The edge

    The edge


    smashing good idea, let's take this to another level and exchange REAL information in a comfortable setting. Let me know if you want my watchlist hits for today, be glad to provide it. Still monitoring 200 stocks between 30-130 bucks, with a min volume of 700000 daily. The real trades, by the way, are in our other opening thread.

  3. The way I'm doing this is having traders send in their stock buys and/or sells (with pricing and/or stop entries), along with stop loss prices ...prior to the opening. This way I can effect actual trades based on their expected results.

    Send them an hour before the opening to:

    Intra-day will be a little tough, but you can send IM to donbright (@aol) or donbright (netscape IM).

    You can start tomorrow if you like.