Don's Openings, Part 5

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  1. OK, let's start again....keep the older threads for review. It would be cool if all of you would continue to post up your results, and help each other with the basics. My "boot campers" are doing pretty well, and most have progressed to the 1000-2500 share level for the openings. I will post their results in a couple of weeks.

    We'll run this thread until the end of the year...

  2. don. if amex now controls the opens in the etf's instead of the ecn's is there the possibility of an opening play there?it looks like they would have worked nice today.SPY,QQQ,DIA.
  3. ETF's will, of course, trade differently than the individual stocks...and you would have to be more dependent on market movement (vs. just a single stock disparity) for profitability. I would stick to stocks.

    On another note, however, with the AMEX now listing some Naz stocks, we may have a play with them....have to see how they work out...

  4. DaveN



    If I am counting correctly based on your statements in another thread, this boot camp started just two or three weeks ago? If so, I find it impressive that they are trading that size already (these are fairly new traders, right?)

    If they are getting it even half right, that means they are already paying some bills with their trading. Nicely done!
  5. Dave K

    Dave K

    1000-2500 shares? They must have started with a rather large sum of capital
  6. Same capital, some get more comfortable , more quickly. Some are holding at around 500.

  7. 5 for 5 today (all shorts), about $1080 (54 cents). Had to ride IBM a bit (6 minutes), but it came back.

    My "screen is green" this morning....good volatility....pretty predictable since we had a YTD low in the Indu yesterday....we'll see how far that old "dead cat" can still bounce....we're going to need some follow through to get the bulls, just trade 'em.

  8. Dave K

    Dave K

    Two longs, four shorts.

    two winners, four losers

    I must be shorting the wrong stocks:confused:
  9. 1 fill CD +.15
  10. No fills at all. IP and GE would have paid off but were off my list due to news.

    So we are 0 for 0 today.

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