Don's openings Part 4

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Don Bright, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. OK, let's get started with a new thread...August 21 opening......

    BTW, I'll be in Denver to speak to some Technical types tomorrow night, and at the Sheraton West on Saturday if anyone is interested.....check the website..

  2. DaveN



    I'm looking forward to your visit and both classes!

    We have about 8 of us coming down from Fort Collins, and we're all primed for the "Bright Bands."
  3. Great!! My brother and I will see you guys tomorrow night. See if you can come into the office on Thursday...we'll show you the openings as well.

  4. waterfld


    cost me most of my profits even though I was 4 of 5. Then went straight back up. :mad:

    Bright Remote
  5. For C I had a buy limit at 35.39

    C opened at 34.35 but I did not get a fill.

    I used OpenOnly orders though IB. I thought they had to fill me since my order was marketable on the open.

    Confused :confused:
  6. Dustin


    That's strange...

    I find it very useful with Bright to have the opening indications. If I saw that C was gapping down like that I could check the news, and probably just cancel my C orders that day.
  7. well, i lost in it too. fortunately, i held 400 of the 700 until it got back to a little above even, so it wasn't a complete disaster. i know don would've made big money in it.

    i've learned that i just don't trade certain stocks well, and so i just take them off. i'm considering taking this one off, as the same thing happened to me yesterday.
  8. I know, there is nothing like dumb luck :) But anyway ... i just thought I should have been filled.
  9. cas



    Did the order(s) cancel as soon as C opened like they should have? or did they sit there until you cancelled them by hand?

  10. They cancelled immediately after the open (both the buy and sell).
    #10     Aug 21, 2002