Don's back..can't leave you people alone!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, May 15, 2002.

  1. Just a quick note to everyone...I had my heart surgery on Friday, and got released on Tuesday, and will be working from home for a while (Dr.s say 6 weeks, but they also said I should stay in the hospital for 10-14 days, what to they know?).

    The "shakeups" I have been referring to seem to be happening "sooner than later" among the firms....I had over 150 requests for employment in the last week.

    We are still doing well and growing, and will be glad to work with successful traders (yes, they still need to have some money, and of course they would if they've been doing ok).

    I won't be able to "do battle" with the other firm recruiters as strongly as I would like to...but please everyone, you gotta be carefui where you put your career...some of the names mentioned seem like "what about Davy Crockett" and the Alamo...may be they're hiring....yeah, right......

    Anyway thanks for the nice emails of support, and I will do my best to get back to everyone on a timely basis....

  2. nitro


    Glad all went well.

    Take it easy - we will be here one week from now or six weeks from now, and Bob can handle all the calls from the prospective new traders. Yikes, come to think of it, you better speed up your recovery!

    Best regards,

    nitro :D
  3. Hey Don,

    Hope everything will be fine. Are traders prone to develop coronary diseases or other health problems ? What do you hear from doctors ?
  4. sharper


    I'm trying to figure out which of the firms Don can't "do battle" against. I'm sure it's one of the other firms listed before.
  5. Nice to see your operation went well, Don... and welcome back!
  6. Thanks Nitro...I'm taking things well, and will not do anything to interere with my recovery......and you know I really love what we do, and miss the office already...."whoda thoght"....

    I'll be hitting the office for short periods next week....

    Thanks again..

  7. I don't think there is any correlation....I had a bad heart valve, probably genetic....and as they say.."if I knew I was gonna live this long...I'd taken better care of myself"

    Not to worry, thank you and trade well.

  8. Welcome back Don. I'm glad the surgery went well.
  9. Best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery.
  10. Everyone at LWS wish's you a speedy recovery. You haven't been missing much, hopefully things will pick up. A nothing exp. day.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
    #10     May 17, 2002