Donkeys vs Drones

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Oh. When you said, 'donkeys' I thought you were referring to Democrats. :D

    BTW, I'm all for strapping IED's to Democrats. :cool:

    (Just kidding, NSA, I didn't mean it. No, really, I was just joking. No, no, don't come to my house, I take it back! Leave me alone, damn it, it was just a joke.)
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    The son of an acquaintance served in Iraq, multiple tours. He was a sharp-shooter/sniper. Seemed to love his job. One day, a dog was strapped with explosives and sent toward the the soldiers and he was ordered to take it out. No problem. But killing the dog did something to him and after that tour was up, he didn't go back. He said killing that dog was the straw that broke his spirit. Before that, he had no problem killing a man, but killing the dog went too far in his mind. Apparently, the dog's life had greater value to him than a man.
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    Unseen they suffer
    Unheard they cry
    In agony they linger
    In loneliness they die.