Donchian's 4-Week-Rule !

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by EmAy, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. EmAy


    The PriceChannel has a 20 day period (4week) but what about the upper range and the lower range ?

    I use an upper range of 2 and a lower range of 2.

    the signals are very clear and work really good for geman indexes (Future-DAX, MDAX-Future).

    can somebody confirm that ?

    which upper/lower-levels do u guys use ?
  2. ? the upper level is 20 day high, lower 20 day low
  3. EmAy


    I don t know which software u use...but my trading software has besides the 20day period an upper/lower range.

    so it looks like this:

    PCH ( Close 20, 2, 2)
  4. EmAy


    May be this illustrates what i want to emphasize:

  5. EmAy


    Nobody a clue ? :confused:
  6. bsmeter


    none of that fancy shit works.
  7. EmAy


    resists and supports work, thats why the 4-week-rule works :)

    For this year i m up 75 %, believe me it works !
  8. bsmeter


    Then maybe you should Re-word your original post to "How do you guys use support and resistance"?

    Good job on your 75% gain. But paper trading accounts don't count! 1000% on Zero is the same as 75% of Zero. :D
  9. EmAy


    Thats not the point, i know how to use resists and supports.

    I started with 300,000 € this year, ok thats not a lot, but i just turend 25 and i know how to trade :D

    at least my equity curve knows it :D

    my question aims at the upper and lower range, if u don t have a clue what i m speaking of, just leave it to post a message

    Got me ? :)
  10. Just turned 25 and have 300K?! Mummy and Daddy giving it to you?
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