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  1. Simple proposition to Baron-

    Tell us what Timmay pays you in advertising/ spam rates. We'll double it, but you must ban Timmay forever. So, what do we need to raise?? It will be done within a week, I guarantee you.

  2. /block, please DELETE this thread.

    Paper traders gang banging to assualt a media figure, author, exceptional trader and someone who has been as open and has contributed much more than the other so called hedge fund managers to the trading community deserves much better treatment than what he gets from our toilet paper crowd.
  3. /END
  4. KevR1025


    Whether you like Timmay or not, the assaults need to end.

    Timmay providing add revenue keeps this place free for you and I, plus he seems like a nice enough guy who is trying to make it in this world.
  5. Just put him on ignore if you dont like him, its very simple. Plus its free.
  6. He'll go away when his money runs out. He's already without a fund. Just ignore him. He's a troll, don't feed the troll people. (and put on ignore)
  7. clacy


    It's free entertainment at the very least.
  8. Ignoring is the best solution. I will have to check this "Timmay" guy out now that you mentioned him.
  9. Who's Timmay? Is it that Pennystocking/Bullshit guy?
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